3D Model
This project was completed as part of the Master Car Creation in Blender course by Chris Plush from CG Masters. It was my first deep dive into 3D work having had no prior experience with the software. The challenge was very daunting at first. Some even said I was being overly ambitious, but I wanted to create something I was proud of sharing. This is the result.
Modeling took up the majority of the 50+ hours I spent becoming intimately familiar with this vehicle. Chris really made sure that every detail was perfect from hood to tread.
Lots of very simple materials were applied to the small rubber pieces, metal, and glass. Creating a convincing car paint, tire rubber, and light lenses came it second place for most time spent.
Completing this course was an incredible experience. Even though there are things I wish I could go back redo, I'm quite proud of what I ended up with. I look forward applying these newly acquired skills and knowledge to future projects.

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